Systemic discrimination against the Obese has to be stopped!

Systemic discrimination against the Obese must stop.

64 percent of adults in Canada are clinically obese. This has major impacts on everyday activities.

Teachers must stop the systemic discrimination against children who are obese. Athletic programs must be defunded! Imagine how humiliating and hurtful it is to be stuck trying to pull yourself up a rope. What about having to run around the track. Absolutely devestating to the emotional state of our children. The suicide rate is inflated by these systemic discrimination activities. They must stop. Defund the schools.

Vehicle builders should be forced to stop systemic discrimination against fat people . Fat deserves better!Seats on every vehicle are too small. Ever tried riding a bus, a plane or even just a eco vehicle. Designers of these devices should be defunded. Don’t they have up to date sizing?

Clothing manufacturers should stop systemic discrimination against fat people. Fat deserves better! Clothing manufacturers should be forced to make sizes to fit all people. Why should Obese not be able to buy low cost clothing.

Bicycle manufacturers should stop their systemic discrimination on seats. Appropriate seats should be mandatory for all bikes. The pain they cause due to standard seats should be outlawed.