Welcome to Innoventeur News Network, focused on you, and your personal business of Innovation, all about the process of creativity, innovation, and the business aspects of making it successful.  Nowadays, some people call is your side hustle … can be for pleasure or for money.  Innoventeur works to keep you focused, developing those sidelines with potential for additional revenue streams.

A Little History

Innoventeur, started back in fall of 1993 with a handcrafted html page, the first full length newsmagazine online and went onto a 30000 hard copy circulation across Canada and internationally distributed.
Key support grew and new events, such as the Ideas Fair were created, helping young people and the world of innovation in Business unite. The Ideas Fair was a huge success with about  60 exhibits and thousands of attendees.
The focus nowadays is more on knowledge, helping people learn on how to do it themselves, and a little fun looking at the rapid race to produce the coolest new products, can keep you busy.  We are proud to be involved and look forward to hearing about and reporting on new toys in the years to come.

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