2023 – update Electric cars changing the climate is another hoax

Electric cars changing the climate is another hoax!

This is a very good video clip from Sky News Australia about electric cars. This is a must watch.

We cannot fall for the electric car hoax, and above all; we have to stop our governments from providing monetary incentives to buy electric cars.

The end results of this push for electric cars is as follows:

1. Higher taxes, to pay for car buying incentives.

2. No improvement, or worsening environmental conditions.

3. Subsidizing the “huber rich”, for their need to buy an expensive electric car, to feel better about themselves.

4. Disadvantage the average person, who will not be able to afford reliable transportation.

5. Elimination of many good jobs and companies (combustion engine car mechanics, gas stations, etc.).

6. Future brown outs of electrical power to homes and businesses, due to the heightened demand for electric cars.

7. More wear and tear of roads and bridges (higher taxes).

8. Limitation on long road trips.

9. Enriching China (CCP).

10. Destruction of our energy independence.

Just say no to electric cars!

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