CEWS failure for so many small businesses … “you must sue CRA in Federal Court over typo”

BIN Business Innoventeur News July 2020)

CEWS failure for so many small businesses… CRA declares typo is good enough to deny CEWS… CRA states “You will need to go to Federal Court to get the typo changed” Crappy forms by CRA contribute typo, but that doesn’t matter.

taxed to death … COVID and CRA kill Small Business

For small business the CRA online process has been a total disaster. Never used online until COVID 19. Always used mailed hardcopy, payment through banks etc.

As of COVID 19 forced to use online, taking 10 days to get password, then finding out payroll account closed and nobody to help(everybody is covid!).

Although payments were made, CRA claims payroll account still closed, payments lost for month.

CEWS not accessible, appeals not heard, no correspondence, no help…WTF is with CRA? Are you not civil servants, with your job to help Canadians, not just screw us around.

60 days of no help, then told must appeal, appeal submitted, no help, no response… no Money for payroll.

CRA tells him to file a court action in federal court! Are you serious? WTF? Spend money I don’t have to hire a lawyer to sue CRA in federal court!

30 days later, 3 more appeals, still no help. WTF is wrong with CRA… Our lives Matter, payroll is crucial to survival …

Canadian small business is going bankrupt, but that’s ok, you get paid, sitting at home, not able to access the computers, still get paid, WTF is wrong with this situation!!!

Do something, help Canadians CRA … are you listening?


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