Power of Persistence for the Innoventeur

POWER – how to Master the Universe!

Master the universe, use your Power in creativity, to develop your ideas into successful business opportunities.  Be the Best Innoventeur(TM) (short for Innovative Entrepreneur) in the Universe!

Darwin had a theory that approximated… The strong will triumph over the weak. This theory usually appears to be true. When two companies compete for business the larger company will usually dominate the contest. When two entities are negotiating an agreement the stronger entity will usually take more of the pie.

Did you notice I wrote usually to qualify the above statements? Can you think of any examples in which an apparently weaker party out flanked and conquered a larger and stronger foe?

Have you ever wondered how if you could do this?

If you are a behemoth who gets what you want by virtue of your size dont read this article. But if you want an edge that will allow you to increase revenue and productivity, decrease costs and problems, and win when it counts, you will want to memorize and implement this technique.

My Process is called POWER: Persistence, Observation, Wizardry, Enthusiasm, Rewarding

POWER gives you the upper hand. Bureaucracy (Red tape and committees) slow down big companies. Small companies can take advantage of this through POWER (more info available soon)