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Be Proactive to be Creative

Be Proactive to be Creative, one of your keys to new ideas on a regular basis. An active creativity will boost your productivity. You have the Freedom to choose your response to stimulus. Develop your self awareness, imagination conscience and exercise your independent will. So, what does proactive mean to you?  For me, it’s about […]


HOPE – Helping Other People Expand their horizons – making a small contribution to other peoples ideas, innovations, creative projects is the Innoventeur’s way of paying it forward! We are in the process of launching HOPE, and look forward to bringing creative projects for you to see. Looking for Angels to Help. Angels are people […]

Business Innovation News Showcase

Business Innovation News Showcase (BINS) channel will features innovative new products, services and the business service providers, those that help bring ideas, inventions and innovation to the market. We are always looking for products and services to highlight, so let us know about your business. Contact us today, and lets dialogue on how we can […]

Business Plan

THE BUSINESS PLAN Preparing a business plan will help you learn more about your business, your industry and your future. Its detail will provide a plan of action and show you where your business is heading. Planning gives you a competitive edge, and enhances the management, operation, finances and long-term development of your business. If […]

Making Money with your Ideas

Making Money with your Ideas There are lots of ways to make money with your ideas, inventions, innovations, business improvements, etc.  Use your Creative Force. The key is to monetize them at what ever level you envision.  For the best benefit, you must think BIG, but be practical, otherwise it could take a while to […]

Innovation … the Key to Success

Innovation … It’s the new law of the jungle for small businesses. So, what is innovation? Innovation, can be a very simply thing, or it can be very complex. A business innovation, is a new or improved process, product or service that adds or creates significant value for customers of the business. For example, a […]

Welcome to Innoventeur

Welcome to Innoventeur, focused on the Business of Innovation, all about the process of invention, innovation, creativity, and the business aspects of making it successful.