Bitcoin – moving currency globally

Bitcoin – started close to ten years ago, now is going global, with daily mentions on mainstream news. Major players from all fields of success, including bankers and financial agencies, government and global traders are seeking to find ways to benefit from the underlying software

called blockchain. Every day news breaks where agencies and major corporations are exploring and implementing new block chain processes, especially to benefit from the higher level of security that block chain process offers to all kinds of businesses.

A revolution (disruption) in industry sectors is on the horizon for transportation of goods, real estate transactions including ownership, health and numerous other sectors.  Not only these sectors are forseeing changes, moving money through financial transactions are looking to block chain and crypto coins to ease the cost and time of transfer between countries around the world.

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Be Proactive to be Creative

Be Proactive to be Creative, one of your keys to new ideas on a regular basis. An active creativity will boost your productivity.

You have the Freedom to choose your response to stimulus.

Develop your self awareness, imagination conscience and exercise your independent will.

So, what does proactive mean to you?  For me, it’s about taking the initiative, in order to act, and not be acted upon. Taking a proactive posture, allows you to enlarge your circle of influence.  Positive energy or focus naturally enlarges your circle of influence.

So, when it come to being creative, it is important to be proactive!. Be sure to sign up for our updates, and be Proactive!!

Business Connecting Innovation to Profit

Business Connecting Innovation to Profit

Innovation is a long-term process that cannot be tuned on and off, it requires long-term support.

Recently, a large from of entrepreneurs offered their advice and insight and came up with these best five.

1) Don’t leave innovation out of strategy

2) Your power to innovate is what makes you unique

3) Good ideas are too valuable to waste

4) Balance open ideas (blue sky) with bottom line

5) Rethink how the business works.

5 Key Steps to Success with Your Ideas

Ideas come to most people everyday, but few take the time to look into their ideas, track them, and nurture them, slowly taking an idea, moving it from thought into substance…working to build first a creative foundation, then move it through the steps necessary to turn the idea into reality!

5 Key Steps to Success with your ideas … being an Innoventeur

Next the you get an idea,
1) write it down ono whatever happens to be around.
2) let your mind review the thought
3) flesh out your idea, expand the scope
4) work up a mind map…link and connect the idea to the world around you
5) focus on usefulness (i.e. is it a better mousetrap?)

Good luck with your new ideas…


HOPE – Helping Other People Expand their horizons – making a small contribution to other peoples ideas, innovations, creative projects is the Innoventeur’s way of paying it forward!

We are in the process of launching HOPE, and look forward to bringing creative projects for you to see.

Looking for Angels to Help. Angels are people who like to help, pay it forward, with no expectations.

Stay Turned for more fun!!

If you are interested, send us a note.

Business Innovation News Showcase

Business Innovation News Showcase (BINS) channel will features innovative new products, services and the business service providers, those that help bring ideas, inventions and innovation to the market.

We are always looking for products and services to highlight, so let us know about your business. Contact us today, and lets dialogue on how we can best profile your product or service success!

Whether it’s a news story or video showcase, we offer it all, and promise to work with you to fulfill your vision.  Contact us today!

Power of Persistence

POWER – how to Master the Universe!

Master the universe, use your Power in creativity, to develop your ideas into successful business opportunities.  Be the Best Innoventeur(TM) (short for Innovative Entrepreneur) in the Universe!

Darwin had a theory that approximated… The strong will triumph over the weak. This theory usually appears to be true. When two companies compete for business the larger company will usually dominate the contest. When two entities are negotiating an agreement the stronger entity will usually take more of the pie.

Did you notice I wrote usually to qualify the above statements? Can you think of any examples in which an apparently weaker party out flanked and conquered a larger and stronger foe?

Have you ever wondered how if you could do this?

If you are a behemoth who gets what you want by virtue of your size dont read this article. But if you want an edge that will allow you to increase revenue and productivity, decrease costs and problems, and win when it counts, you will want to memorize and implement this technique.

My Process is called POWER: Persistence, Observation, Wizardry, Enthusiasm, Rewarding

POWER gives you the upper hand. Bureaucracy (Red tape and committees) slow down big companies. Small companies can take advantage of this through POWER (more info available soon)

Small Business

Small Business – Maximizing on Your Business Skills

Whether is home based or not, We all want to Improve the Quality of our Life for ourselves and our Family!

80% of people feel that their current Financial plan is inadequate! Is Yours?

Most people want more time for their family and friends!

8 out of 10 people want to develop healthier lifestyles for themselves and their family!

Now you Can change everything, with Hands-on Biz Training, Hands-on Mentoring and Motivation!

– the Art of Leveraging
– ways of Being Proactive
– Goal setting and management
– Financial management and planning
– Team based Mentoring, Motivational training
– Personal development training
– Weekly tele/video/email-conferences (more info to come)

Business Plan


Preparing a business plan will help you learn more about your business, your industry and your future. Its detail will provide a plan of action and show you where your business is heading. Planning gives you a competitive edge, and enhances the management, operation, finances and long-term development of your business. If seeking funding for your business, you must have a business plan.

Your business plan is a reflection of you. It needs to be complete and presented in a professional manner. A prospective investor needs to be shown a clear plan of action detailing the operation, marketing, and financial side of your business. You only have one chance to make that first impression. You will not attract an investor unless you show them the potential for a viable and profitable business. Your plan is the proof of your business.

This article will provide you with an overview of the general components of a business plan. As each is business is different, the content and structure of your plan will vary depending on the type of business you are in. A business plan takes a great deal of thought and research to prepare. It cannot be prepared in a couple of days. The process of developing a plan is as important as the finished product.


The executive summary plays a critical role as the synopsis of the plan. Its role is to lead a prospective investor to the rest of your plan. An investor will decide whether they want to continue to read based on the content and style of this section. It has to be clear, concise, and well written. Although this section appears first, it should be written last, and be no more than two or three pages.


The introduction will outline the background of the venture, the reason for starting the business, and the purpose of the business plan. If you are seeking funding, state the amount you want and what you offer in return. Clearly state the limitations of the report such as inadequate research available in specific areas, estimates rather than real figures used, unavailability of detailed data on the competition, etc.. Discuss briefly how you went about getting your information.


Begin with the legal name of your business and the form it will take. Is it a sole proprietorship, partnership, or corporation? State who owns the company and its geographical location. Inform the reader of the basic details of the company such as products or services offered. If you need more than one sentence to describe your product or service or have a variety of products or services, use a sub-heading.

Mission Statement

Describe the mission and objectives of your company stating purpose and goals. Basically, this is the statement of what your business does and why.

(follow along more to come)

Making Money with your Ideas

Making Money with your Ideas

There are lots of ways to make money with your ideas, inventions, innovations, business improvements, etc.  Use your Creative Force.

The key is to monetize them at what ever level you envision.  For the best benefit, you must think BIG, but be practical, otherwise it could take a while to get what you want.

Timing is usually crucial … but hard to find the right time, either it is or it isn’t, sticking with your idea is the best strategy, supporting it, nutureing it, but not necessarily doing that compulsively.